Sunday, April 12, 2020

Lesson 2 Learn Thai Vowels (Part IV)

Vowel Position

           This is Lesson 2 Learn Thai Vowels (Part IV).  It is the last of Part this Lesson. You will get to learn  Thai Vowels continue. It is interesting to know that vowels of the Thai language can be placed in four positions such as above the consonant, below the consonant, in front of the consonant and behind the consonant Perhaps, the vowel is hidden inside the word by itself.  

1. Above the consonants are as follow:
-ิ  -ี  -ึ  -ื   

2. Below the consonants are as follow:
-ุ  -ู

3. In front of the consonants are as follow:
เ-  แ-  โ- ไ- ใ

4. Behind the consonants are as follow:
-ะ  -า -อ  -ัว

5. Both in front and behind the consonants are as follow:
เ-ะ   แ-ะ   โ-ะ   เ-าะ   เ-ียะ   เ-ีย  เ-อะ  เ-อ   เ-ือะ   เ-ือ  เ-า 

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