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Lesson 14 Types of Nouns in Thai (ประเภทของคำนามในภาษาไทย)


Types of Nouns in Thai

       Nouns are words that are names for people, animals, things, and general behavior. It is divided into 5 types as follows.

1. Common noun

    The common noun that are common names for people, animals, and things, such as ปลา (Plaa), โต๊ะ (Toh), มือ (Meu).

2. Proper noun

    The proper noun that is unique nouns  It is set up for people, animals, things, and places in order to specify who or what, such as สนามบินดอนเมือง (Sa-Naam-Bin-Dorn-Meuang), วัดพระแก้ว (Wat-Phr- Gaew).

3. Collective noun

    The collective noun that is noun characterizes the people, animals, and things that make up a group, such as คณะ (Kha-Na), หมู่ (Moo), เหล่า (Leow)

4. Numerative noun

    The numerative noun that is noun characterizes things and is used to denote numbers such as ตัว (Tua), ชิ้น (Chin), อัน (Aun), แผ่น (Phaen), แท่ง (Taeng), ผืน (Pheun)

5. Gerund 

    Gerund that is noun indicates symptoms  Or various appearances of people, animals, things derived from verbs  Or adverb  It is a compound word that is often preceded by the word "การ" or "ความ" and is a total combination, such as การกิน (Gaan-Gin), การอยู่ (Gaan-Oroo), การเรียน (Gaan-Rian), ความสุข (Khwaam-Soog), ความตาย (Khwaam-Tay), ความรัก (Khrwaam-Rag).

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Lesson 13 The Syllable (พยางค์ Pha Yaang)


The syllable


    A syllable is the part of the phonemes that contain A single vowel that has or been meaningless. One syllable has a compound as follows:

    1. Consonants + Vowels + Tonal syllables of this type are called 3 parts mixes, for example, "ตา (Taa), ดี (Dee), ไป (Pai)

    2. Consonants + Vowels + Tonal + Spelling, for example, "คน (Kon), กิน (Gin), ข้าว (Khao) " or Consonants + Vowels + Tonal +  Orthography, for example, เล์ห์ (Lay), โล่ห์ (Lo)  these two types of syllables are called 4-part mixes.

    3. Consonants + Vowels + Tonal + Spelling +  Orthography, for example, แพทย์ (Phaed), รักษ์(Rug) , สิทธิ์ (Sit)  this kind of syllable is called 5-part mixes.

    As follows, you can see that Each syllable There must be at least three compound components: consonants, vowels, and tonal. There must be a mixture of five components: consonants, vowels, tonal and orthography.

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Lesson 12 Orthography (ตัวการันต์ Tua Gaa Run)

Orthography (Tua Gaa Run)

        The orthography is a letter that is not pronounced. And with a checkered plate above To show that the sound is forced until another syllable is added to the back, such as ทุกข์ (Thoog), สงฆ์ (Song), โอษฐ์ (Aod) , ทันต์ (Thun)

        As usual, the orthography has the same sound as other syllables. And most of them are from Pali Sanskrit and English. Which is a language that is popularly used with syllables But the Thai language is an alone word. Commonly used as a single syllable When using the words Pali and Sanskrit Must, therefore, reduce the syllables of words In order to comply with the regulations of the Thai language If cutting off the consonants, they will degrade the vocabulary. Must remain the same to maintain the vocabulary But with the use of a forced wood mark So that the consonant won't be pronounced And the syllable using the forced checker must be a syllable with a low tone Therefore having to use short vowels without spelling Including 3 short vowels which are ะ , ิ ,

                                                        วงศ์            อินทร์            deformed ะ
                                                        ฤทธิ์            สฤษฎิ์           deformed ิ
                                                        พันธุ์            พัสดุ์             deformed ุ

    In general, the Thai word has no orthography. Because it is an alone word that has few syllables already And whether the orthography has either a vowel or none.
    The orthography and wooden markers are different. The orthography means characters that do not need to be pronounced. Which is normally arranged at the end of the sentence The wasteland refers to the symbol (L) which is written on the orthography. Forcing the consonant to not issue that consonant.

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Lesson 11 Aug Sorn Hun (อักษรหัน)

Aug Sorn Hun

    Aug Sorn Hun are consonants that convert from "ะ" to consonants that are shaped like spelling But acts instead of -ัน (Aun) and must be placed in front of the same spelling picture, so-called "Aug Sorn Hun". This style can be found in ancient books, as in the example

                                กกก     =     กัก    (Gug)
                                ขงง     =     ขัง    (Khung)
                                มนน     =     มัน    (Mun)
                                จดด     =     จัด    (Jud)
                                พบบ    =     พับ    (Phub)
                                ธมม     =     ธัม    (Thum)

But nowadays, only the popular "รร (Ror Hun)" It has the following characteristics

                                ธรรม    (Thum)
                                กรรม    (Gum)
                                สรร       (Sun)

Lesson 14 Types of Nouns in Thai (ประเภทของคำนามในภาษาไทย)

  Types of Nouns in Thai        Nouns are words that are names for people, animals, things, and general behavior. It is divided into 5 types...