Sunday, April 5, 2020

Lesson 2 Learn Thai Vowels (Part III)

Mixed Vowels

             Hey! Guests. This is Lesson 2 Learn Thai Vowels (Part III).  It is the 3rd of Part in this Lesson. You will get to learn  Thai Vowels continue. Each kind of Vowels was called "Mixed Vowels" which collaborate during Short Vowels + Long Vowels + spelling.

             A mixed vowel is a vowel that is pronounced by an organ that is pronounced in more than one position. If an organ is in one position then changes to another position That pool will be a mixed vowel.

In English:  uai 
Example: (muai = มวย) , uay (gluay  = กล้วย)  , oo-ey (soo-ey = สวย)

In English:  oy 
Example: (doy = ดอย)

In English: ai  
Example: (wai = วัย)

In English: u , a 
Example: (tun = ทัน) , (wan = วัน)

In English: aai 
Example: (paai = พาย)

In English: ao, ow 
Example: (lao = ลาว)

In English: um , am 
Example: (dum = ดำ)

In English: iew, iu 
Example: (wiew = วิว)

In English: oei , oey , er-y
Example: (moei = เมย) , (loey = เลย) , (ler-y = เลย)

In English: eo , eow
Example: (reow = เร็ว)

In English: eo , eow
Example: (leow = เลว)

In English: e , eh 
Example: (pen = เป็น)

In English: ao
Example: (tao = เตา)

In English: er
Example: (perd = เปิด)

In English: io , iaw
Example: (kio = เคียว) , (tiaw = เที่ยว)

In English: eui
Example: (leui = เลื่อย)

In English: aeo , aew
Example: (naew = แนว)

In English: ai
Example: (dai = ใด)

In English: ai
Example: (fai = ไฝ)

In English: ouy 
Example: (douy = โดย)

In English: uy , ui
Example: (nuy = หนุ่ย) , (kui = คุย)

In English: un , unra 
Example: (kum = กรรม)

In English: Reu 
Example: (Reu See = ฤาษี)

In English: Leu 
Example: (Leu Chaa = ฦาชา)

          Remember, Since it is not possible to use an English transcript to create distinguished an identical sound, one can get the correct sound by mimicking Thais whenever you hear them speak truly. 

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