Sunday, February 9, 2020

Talk About Learn Thai

Hi! Everyone. Welcome to Learn Thai By Sandy Site.

       I also graduated from Humanities and Social Sciences (Thai Major) at a Thai university and was born in Thailand. So I can teach the Thai language for you.

       At first, I recommended that you should start to learn pronunciation with all Thai alphabets. Cause it's the foundation for listening, reading, and writing skills.

       Second, That's the most important. Remember, you must often practice homework at least 2-3 hours/day. It makes you develop your skills early. Perfect, perfect and perfect.

       Therefore, I found on my own that the language can currently communicate to another world. But Have you ever heard? Some people said about languages that learned hardly. Don't worry, I will make it become an easy subject.

       Finally, My objectivity is assisting many foreigners who intend to learn Thai. Please follow me. Welcome to Sandy's World. Let get started :)))

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