Sunday, August 9, 2020

Lesson 13 The Syllable (พยางค์ Pha Yaang)


The syllable


    A syllable is the part of the phonemes that contain A single vowel that has or been meaningless. One syllable has a compound as follows:

    1. Consonants + Vowels + Tonal syllables of this type are called 3 parts mixes, for example, "ตา (Taa), ดี (Dee), ไป (Pai)

    2. Consonants + Vowels + Tonal + Spelling, for example, "คน (Kon), กิน (Gin), ข้าว (Khao) " or Consonants + Vowels + Tonal +  Orthography, for example, เล์ห์ (Lay), โล่ห์ (Lo)  these two types of syllables are called 4-part mixes.

    3. Consonants + Vowels + Tonal + Spelling +  Orthography, for example, แพทย์ (Phaed), รักษ์(Rug) , สิทธิ์ (Sit)  this kind of syllable is called 5-part mixes.

    As follows, you can see that Each syllable There must be at least three compound components: consonants, vowels, and tonal. There must be a mixture of five components: consonants, vowels, tonal and orthography.

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