Saturday, May 2, 2020

Lesson 5 Live syllable & Dead syllable (คำเป็นคำตาย)

Live syllable & Dead syllable

    The syllables that appear in various mothers There are both long and short accents. Some syllables are Live syllables. Some syllables are Dead syllables. With the following observable principles.

    Live syllables are the syllable that is mixed with a long vowel in Mae Gor Gaa and the syllable with the spelling in Mae Gon, Gong, Goey, Gom, which is mixed with -ำ, -ใ, -ไ, เ-า, which is a short vowel, also counted as words Because the accent is pronounced with a consonant "ม, ย, ว" with a letter that is spelled as in the example ตา (Taa), ส้ม (Som), นั่ง (Nang)

    Dead syllables are the syllables that are mixed with a short vowel in Mae Kok (except for the short 4 vowels are -ำ, -ใ, -ไ, เ-า,) and the syllable with the spelling in Mae Gok, God, Gob pressing the frog as in the example นก (Nok), จะ (Jaa), ซบ (Sob)

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