Monday, March 9, 2020

Lesson 2 Learn Thai Vowels (Part I)

Short Vowels

         Hi! everyone. This is Lesson 2 Learn Thai Vowels (Part I). You will get to learn  Thai Vowels. Exactly,  The second most important structure of word formation is the vowel. All Thai Vowels have  21 characters 32 sounds And one kind of Thai Vowels were called "Short Vowels".

        Single vowels are vowels pronounced by the oral organs in a single position throughout the sound. Which while pronouncing the characteristics of the lips and tongue will not change If there is very little Divided into short vowels and long vowels. Here we will talk about short vowels.

In English: a
Example: กะทะ (Gata)

In English: i
Example: ติ (Ti)

In English: eu
Example: ดึง (Deung)

In English: oo
Example: คุ้ง (Koong)

In English: ay
Example: เตะ (Tay)

In English: ae
Example: แพะ(Pae)

In English: oh, o
Example: โต๊ะ (Toh)

In English: aw, au
Example: เจาะ (Jaw)

In English: ua
Example: ผัวะ (Pua)

In English: ia, ie
Example: เผียะ (Pia)

In English: eua, ua
Example: เกือะ (Geua)

In English: er, ur
Example: เลอะ (Ler)

...To be continued Part Il...

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